Neurosynergy 4 - SuBSynK (Noisia/Phace dubs CCTV)

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    May 1, 2009
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    Starting with the amazing Noisia & Phace collab CCTV i decided to take a journey into the more deep & twisted veins of neuro for Neurosynergy 4. Digging down to the darker shades of the classic Katharsis roller The Scraper I round off with a few of my favourite N:phect tracks.

    In keeping with the twisted tunes i mixed everything up in a crazy style...

    Long blends with lots of cutting, bassline swapping etc...I rearranged as much as possible to keep things interesting.
    With all the mixer tricks going on at times things aren't perfectly tight but I realised after a few takes that with this sorta mixing things are never gunna be perfect and any roughness is sorta lost within the madness of it all.

    Any feed back or comments are appreciated..I had a lot of fun doing this mix & i think its my best for a while.