Neurohour # Neurofunk DNB Journey [Studio Mix]

A journey through some of the freshest, heaviest neurofunk beats from producers who are smashing the scene right about now! Instead of bringing you the usual radio podcast with chit chatter we wanted to bring a full studio mix quality set to let the tunes shine, something we haven't done in a looong time!

We include brand new releases from the likes of Kursa, Skope, Task Horizon, Toronto Is Broken, Billain, Audeka, Teddy Killerz & Break.

Energy levels are maxed throughout and this mix consists of beats that push the production quality bar higher and higher. Expect neuro reeses, punchy kits, techy rythms and gnarly drops. We hope you enjoy the selection.

You can catch this set going out live on next Tuesday (16/09/14) 7-8pm.

Spor - Kaori
Teddy Killerz - Countdown (Instrumental)
Kursa - Unknow
Erb N Dub & Skope - Let Me Fly (Feat. Damien Soul)
State Of Mind - Danse Macabre
Black Sun Empire - Hideous (Raw Theory Remix)
The Upbeats - Tin God
Task Horizon - Flame Fetish
Future Cut - Ghetto Style (Evol Intent TBT Remaster)
Safire - Homeland
Toronto Is Broken - Rekall (Naiive Remix)
The Upbeats - Beyond Reality
2N - Chronic Smoke
Jade - Audio Hypnosis VIP
Cruk - Condition Zero
L 33 - Comptus
Maztek - Hyper Reality
Billain - Device Nine
Break - Groove With It
Audeka - Silverback
Safire & Minor Rain - Transit
Emperor - Smokescreen
Task Horizon & Spite - Toad Licker
I Am Legion - Make Those Moves (Teddy Killerz Remix)
Teddy Killerz - Demolisher (Gridlock Remix)

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Doesn't get any better than that! Oustanding mix and artist/track selection. Not that I'm in the know but have trying to search for the best Neuro. I do have some music from some of those artists but not all. Sounds like your really up on the Neuro. Really, thanks a lot for this.

Perfect mix!!!

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Hey tell me this? I mean I've spoken briefly with Jade but didn't get into it that much. I think the mastering that's going on with some of the Neuro like for example with Eatbrain has a very distinct sound. State of Minds latest, and Jades Tales of the Undead on Eatbrain wow. Don't you think that this newer Neuro is extremely good (like the basses) but also has the best quality sound as well? Just throwin that out there. I think Jade, Blackout, etc... Is using newer production/mastering equipment that clearly sounds top notch.

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Ok this track was just released in August. Haven't heard of it and this Kursa is up there with the best.


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I'm pretty sure I heard there was new software that was getting popular.
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