Neurofunk tunes


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Mar 16, 2017
Been expanding and discovering new music every day. I really love the filthy labels such as blackout NL and eatbrain. As i'm only 19, I've been slowly educating myself and finding out older shit that suits the sound i like to mix and I'm slowly getting more and more of an idea what style of DNB i like and want to mix. I'm pretty confident in my library and that i have a decent amount of tunes under my belt, but im looking for more good quality shit.

I'm in love with Jade right now, he's a fucking mad man.

Just looking for everyones hidden gems that aren't really known with a purchase link / 320mp3 download in case i like the tune.

Just looking to spice up my sets further and expand my knowledge on the genre i know and love.

I've been rinsing out the same 400tunes for a while now, and it may be limited to my mixing ability, but im kinda getting bored (not sure if this is the right word to use) and just wanna expand my knowledge on good tunes.

Also another question regarding the TRIM on my mixer and older tunes, I try and avoid the older quieter tunes because even though they are 320 or wav, they just don't sound crisp, so any advice on this will help!

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