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couple sketchy transitions, but recovered quickly...hope you enjoy

noisia - stigma [vision]
receptor - rhyno [breed 12]
prolix - causation [ganja-tek]
billain - batbots [bad taste]
noisia & the upbeats - creepout [non vogue]
Dose, Cern & Teknik - Huntsville [commercial suicide]
BSE & noisia - hideous [BSE]
Vicious Circle & Nocturnal - Last chance saloon [commercial suicide]
Enei & eastcolors - 2012 [critical]
Enei & Riya - No Fear [critical]
Halogenix, Sabre & Stray - Oblique [critical]
commix - golden [metalheadz]


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noisia - stigma [vision]
receptor - rhyno [breed 12] sounds good mate. a bit of a clang a lang on the drop. only thing i would say is lower the mid and trebble a bit more so the drums fuse a bit better and and slight clangs are less noticable. wicked opening mix tho. impressed.
prolix - causation [ganja-tek] - think that was a mix. dont know these tunes so its hard to tell. sounded clean tho so well played.
billain - batbots [bad taste] - bit messy. too much mid but nothing major. mixing this style is difficult coz the tracks are so full its tough to fix anything else into the mix. sounded better after the bass switch with the previous tune in the background.
noisia & the upbeats - creepout [non vogue] - same thing again really. need much less mid to fuse them together. sounded much better once it got rolling.
Dose, Cern & Teknik - Huntsville [commercial suicide] - mid thing again.
BSE & noisia - hideous [BSE] - wicked, liked this one.
Vicious Circle & Nocturnal - Last chance saloon [commercial suicide] - came in nice, sounded good. possible a bit loud, less mid range. and i would have kept slightly less mid after the drop so the previous tracks mid range had some space.
Enei & eastcolors - 2012 [critical] - u can hear it distorting when the bass notes come in before the drop. sounded better after the drop. would have kept last chance saloon lower in the mix.
Enei & Riya - No Fear [critical] - when no fear dropped, i would have cut the bass on 2012, they are fighting for space. then switched the eq's the other way when 2012 dropped again. then back again on the transition to no fear.
Halogenix, Sabre & Stray - Oblique [critical] - a nice blend. but -bass eq. u can hear that kick drum sucking the life out of no fear's bass line. mid eq, those pads muffle no fear.
commix - golden [metalheadz] - really liked how u introduced it into the mix. sounded really good. fantastic transition too. best mix here for me.

was good akmed. some tracks were a little tough for me personally but hey.

my advice would be to practise ur eq. just record one mix a few times. try out diff eq tactics and listen back on headphones (not too loudly tho) keep bass on bass down.
use ur mid range as the tracks overall volume.
lowering the bass and mid eq will make ur trebble stick out more so u will need to lower that on occassion. then its just a matter of bringing them back to full when u need to switch tracks. which is the toughest part.

let me know when u upload another one.
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