[Neurofunk] Sobec - Nostromo

very nice. I feel it is quite str8 forward of a track. everything is mixed quite nicely. the only part i see as being possibly messy or disorganized would be the builds that have the alien rising synth, as well as a tad on the second drop. I too get the same feed back from on some of my tracks. Ive tried to cut back just a bit on what im trying to fit in to the track, i try to keep in mind less is more... but creating such outlandish sounds is so fun that it can be hard to keep in sight. Solid tune tho man. keep it up

here's an almost finnished version of a newer track im working on. What i like about yours is the backround ambiance created here to fill up some space. something i must work on or future tracks. Lemme know what you think if you get some time!


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First off, sick tune.
I kinda see what theyre getting at. You kinde need to tighten up the elements of the tune and kinda give them a stronger rhythm and more deliberate placement. Sometimes the shots and effects can sound a bit random and dont really contribute to the flow. That being said, its fucking awesome as it is.

Listen to some mefjus and recent phace tunes, and you might be able to see the difference with what i mean. Some of the pauses and fills of your tune are spot on, some dont quite fit.
Try and figure out the tightness yknow
Impressive sound. There's a whole lot going on in the track, darn awesome tune.

I think it's not so much glitchy in the wrong way. I personally feel especially confused about the placement of certain sounds and stabs sometimes. Like the first drop (0:56), that one is killer ace for me. But the second time (3:12) you use the same elements in a slightly different way, and then there's some scratchy synth suddenly jumping out of the track without adding force to the drop, in contrary. It sounds almost like you forgot about some effect that's bleeding in the drop, if you know what I mean. Or at eg 3:45 and further you have those stabs coming out of nowhere, and in the next piece they come back but with a completely different and unrelated sound. I grasp the idea there, and it's cool. It's just the sounds you used and the way they're placed that make it sound a bit unorganized.

Killer sound though, these are just opinions from some hobby producers, so please take them for what they're worth :)
I would cut back some of the higher fx/ glitchy bits etc to give a bit more focus to the bass line, also if used more sparingly those bits will have more effect imo.

other than that its a decent tune, I like it.


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Aaah, I see what you guys mean by that, I've tried applying it to this 65bpm neuro-downtempo track I'm working on right now : ).

Really appreciate it! Someday I'll be ready to get signed, just not now :D.


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Nice track man!
I understand what the label meant, I think it's probably a bit too busy for the dance floor.
But basically your track is awesome and probably more appreciated with decent headphones.
You should listen to Amon Tobin's work (not actually drum&bass), he has a very chaotic style and yet he makes it sound very coherent.
Like with your own track, you can listen to his tracks again and again and hear other stuff you hadn't noticed before.

PS: serpent is pretty sick too btw ;)