[Neurofunk] Pixelscum - Sugar Rush


Nucleoid Drum & Bass
First time neuro? Sounds good to me!

Might wanna time the neurobass a bit more or make it faster so the song gets some speed. Also, in the intro you use the panning quite wel will all kinds of cool sounds and hats and percussion and shit. But, sadly enough I barely see this coming back after the drop. Then I would add a little fx, or some short bleeps/percussion with masssssssssiiveeeeee reverb to fill out repeating parts. (You should EQ that reverb tho, only highs, or it will interfere with your bass) Lastly you could add some variations in the bass pattern after every 16th bar or so. Oh one more thing ^^ Let the pad come back, it will give the song a bit more structural cohesion and will fill out parts as well.

Very nice job, I would love to see the result of this. Good luck! :)