Drum & Bass Neurofunk Part 1 of Resample confusion!!


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Whats up guys! looked around the forum and online, and wasnt quite able to find an answer that helped me. I'm in the process of making my first neurofunk song (woooo) and I after having looked at multiple tuts and reading various blogs and sites, I still find myself confused with the resample process.

What I understand about it is that your bassline should be resampled once the vst's lfo sweeps, notch sweeps etc are filled up or too much for your computer to handle. I am currently running a flanger, phaser, notch sweeps, a br cutoff slow sweep, dist, chorus and lastly a lp filter sweep. that has basically filled up my mixer fx slots and i cant add more.

Is this where resampling kicks in? or am i simply overlooking something? As of right now i have a 4 bar C4 running with the above fx's automated. (I also run fruity 9 if that helps). What should I do? resample and add more automations/motion?

really tired and really confused, just need a little outside help here to jumpstart me again :D In terms of my synth, running 3 detuned saw waves at +24 -24 -24 with sin shaper, dim exp, c tube, 2 voices, legato triller.

Thanks for reading, and all help much appreciated :)

Cheers, W3st


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Basically you can start to resample wherever you want. You could just resample the synth before effects. It's all about making a sick sound, bouncing it to audio so that it doesn't kill your cpu and adding stuff to make it sound even sicker, repeating until you are happy with the results. All fussing around with controls really.

You can also try running your resampled sound from some sort of granular synth, I don't use FL Studio but I'm fairly certain that the Fruity Granulizer plug should be good for this, or another good one, if you've got it is Camel Audio's Alchemy.

One thing I've learned about the process is that it's better to use smaller amounts of effects rather that drenching your sound with that effect. Also, I feel I should point out how useful chopping and timestretching can be - three wobbles at 1/8 timestretched to a various longer lengths can sound unbelievably cool depending on how you go about processing it

Use forum search for more on the topic, you should find a lot of really helpful info.


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is granular synthesis for a new sound of some sort? cos morphy bass has so far generally been about filter action, resampling and volume slides. i saw a dubstep doohickey when granulating a bunch of seals at the zoo made that raspy massive vsti wavetable like bass, i guess you could use that in neuro too. of course.