Drum & Bass [NEUROFUNK] [MEAT] Tosarr - Russian Blastwave


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Chech this out and tell me who are the best neurofunk producers right now...
I hope people will discover the scene))

1)Dyamorph - Suita
2)Dyamorph - Angel Links
3)Optiv - Stereotype
4)Dyamorph - Nostalgia
5)Dyamorph - Part of my heart
6)Effector - The Destroyed Kingdom
7)Dyamorph - Western
8)Dextems -Radium
9)Engage - Warlock
10)Receptor - Molitva
11)Bes & Flame - Expert
12)Miditacia - Mad Planet
13)Place 2b & Dyamorph - Tornado
14)Miditacia - Power Station
15)Dextems feat. Dub Elements- Synthetika
16)Receptor - Princess
17)Effector - Revival
18)Dyamorph - Blurring
19)Engage - Overbreaker
20)Receptor - Girls
21)Kubrak - Catacombs Of Sound Channels
22)Dextems - Refraction
23)Engage - Termination Shock
24)Neonlight & Receptor - 800 Pound Gorilla
25)Dyamorph - Enzyme
26)Dyamorph - Root
27)The Prodigy - No Good(Dyamorph bootleg)
28)Dyamorph - Lego Warrior
29)Dyamorph - Time Forward!
30)Miditacia - Evolution

P.S 3rd track is not russian, eh, but suited so nice
And, yeah, i'm not pro DJ, the post is actually about the track's awesomeness, not about my skills