Neurofunk cymbals???


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I've heard this kinda stuff throughout a bunch of neurofunk these days. Some nicely sustained, distorted cymbal of sorts. Dunno if it's open hat, crash or ride, but it creates a wicked vibe, and fills out the top end suprisingly nicely. Tends to be sidechained it seems

Here's an example. Starts at 1:00. It sounds like a processed version of the first cymbal, but better :devil:
Another example:
I'm struggling too get the same sort of grittyness, and fullness with my processing. perhaps its sample selection. Most of my results end up with loose sounding distortion, not the tight gritty cymbal im looking for. Not sure whether to find a sample and loop a portion with grit, or add reverb or what!

I'd love to hear some of your thoughts on this, and if there is any common interest!