[Neurofunk] Blasek - 2012 WIP

very very very nice intro! damn.

but the track didn't really punch in after the intro even though the track is very nice.
you could slightly turn down the intro volume or turn up the rest of the track.
you can also add an extra effect or something.

other than that this track sounds golden, very nice!

Thanks for positive comments!

Yes bulletstrom, agreed. It's work in progress and next step is to get that drop sounding right and more massive. Maybe some filthy metallic voices or something like that. I started teaching 11 months ago so Im planning to finish this track for the February, like "one year special track". :)

However I'm really excited about forthcoming year. I feel like i can push more and more out of myself. I'm really close to find my own style, what kind of music I like to do in future.
Re: [Drum and Bass] Blasek - 2012 WIP


Okay, please take a time and listen this new drop. I have seen a lot improvement on my synth working. Never ever presets anymore, I've practised very hard about sound design, fuck I love this work.

Volume knobs up :slayer:

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Ouch.. Im listen with my headphones. A few annoying voice on high freq.. Have to cut out them.
Yeah WICKED track mate, I also agree that it lacks punch on the drop though. Instead of adding more sounds, focusing on separating the ones you already have in the mix so that the drums punch through with more clarity.
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