Neurofuckery - June DnB Mix

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    I'm really fucked off about this, 1 hour in the mix, easily the best mix i've recorded (bar a few minor slips), i listen back and the recording quality is PISS POOR, i don't know why, same method i always use that's never failed me. It only seems to be really bad when there are 2 tunes in the mix.

    But anyway, enjoy what you can of it.

    Mefjus - Far Too Close
    Phace & Misanthrop - Non Human
    Spor - Do Not Shake
    Noisia - Bad Dreams
    Prolix - Causation
    Noisia & Black Sun Empire - Hideous
    Spor - Aztec
    Billain - Dopamine
    Mefjus - Genetic Drift
    Moby - Alice (Noisa Remix)
    Noisia - Crank
    Enei - Elephants
    Phace - Cataphiles
    Billain - Total Darkness
    Black Sun Empire - Everything
    Cern, Dose, Teknik - Huntsville
    Noisia - Stigma
    Spor - 1up
    Rockwell - Tripwire
    Noisia & Phace - Program
    Billain - Octopamine
    Phace - Open Eyes
    Black Sun Empire - Arrakis