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    Ammunition sneaks up and hits you with a one / two "Sucker Punch!", with this new release by Redject! Here's what TrackItDown had to say!

    "NEURO SUCKER PUNCH! Both tracks on this insane EP are set to create a worm hole of neuro activity right inside your dancefloor. Suck them in and then spit them out baby. SECRET WEAPON!"

    We sure do get "Secret Weapon" a lot, right? How fitting! :)

    Redject, also known as DJ T-Rex on the circuit, is a Drum & Bass producer from France. Original part of the Flexible Future Crew, Redject has performed alongside some of the most famous names in Drum & Bass today, including Noisia, Dylan, The Panacea, and Venetian Snares to name only a few.

    Redject has been producing since before 1999, but due to critical tinnitus and hyperacusis, he spent 6 years in silence. Silence was mandatory to save his hearing, and he was forced to terminate his passion, and his livelihood. He states, "[You] have to learn to appreciate the noise of a bird at the beginning... and now, learn to make a good mixdown without pushing the volume too loud."

    Although still lingering, Redject has learned to cope with these conditions, and manages to still make some monster tunes! So ye' be warned... Protect your hearing!

    Contact Redject@

    As always, bigup for the support! Hope you enjoy :)