Label Neuro Anthem! - Task Horizon / Cativo / Neonlight


Nov 8, 2008

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Normally when promoting a release, we'll tell you something to the extent of "Oh man this bassline, wompy goodness all over your face, great engineering, yeaaaaah!"

So yeah... all that. We were previously reading a description on a release and someone commented, "Like we need a description rather than just listening to the tunes."... and we thought, hey, good point. So here's the facts:

1) Massive DJ / Producer support from some of the most respected names in the Drum & Bass circuit. (Optiv (C4C), Axiom, Blokhe4d, Bad Company, Uman, Maldini, Miss Redflower, and tons more)
2) Tried and proven on dance floors across the globe, these go over on a large scale, every single time.
3) Wompy goodness all over your face?

Have a listen.

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As always, bigup for the support! Hope you enjoy :)

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