Network sign up - Free Downloads - Free Samples - Free Mp3s

Network sign up - Free Downloads - Free Samples - Free Mp3s

8 Sample CDs - Over 16,000 Different Sounds - FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.A. - $50!!!!

Single Sample CDs sold for $15 per CD


List of Epic Savier Sample CDs

- Epic Savier Instruments Assortment Vol.1

- Epic Savier Drums Collection Vol.1

- Epic Savier FX (Effects) Vol.1

- Epic Savier BASS

- Epic Savier Strings & Synths

- Epic Savier Piano & Guitar

- Epic Savier PADS

- Epic Savier Instruments Around The World


Are you a aspiring musician? Want to be the next Kayne West, Ray Charles, Linkin Park, or any other famous beat maker? Well, with these sample CDs you can add over 16,000 sounds to your arsenal. From Saxaphones all the way to the sine sound Dr. Dre famously uses. has got it all!! Including a entirely new line coming VERY soon, including Epic Savier Drum Collection Vol.2, Epic Savier's Instrument Assortment Vol.2, and many others. Including a special bonus disc included some very abstract sounds. If you produce any of the following genres you will especially love these sample CDs.

- Hip Hop/ Rap/ Urban/ R&B

- Techno/ Garage/ Industrial/

- Classical

- Blues

- Reggae

- Rock/ Heavy Metal/

- and pretty much any other genre of music

These sample CDs cover the foundation of music, not just certain genre's to allow for much more versatile use.

So why wait? Come to and check out our selection. There are 20 sample downloads of each CD.


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