netsky sound that has been screwing my mind for the past 2 weeks


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I thought i'd ask this a week ago, but as i don't really care how he made it exactly,
everybody knows this track obviously.... well it just popped up in my playlist again around 2 weeks ago, and now after every few days i remember this high pitched sound and start thinking about it ( getting kind of annoying that i can't think of how it was done exactly... )
Alright 00:30-> etc
Sounds so soothing for some reason...
Just seems like some high pitched vocals.. cut and looped, to me, ( maybe ) But... it's like.. there's something more to it, like, is it auto tuned as well? Or what kind of processing might it have been gone through? Tried to search the web to prevent myself from asking this but no luck. Anyway it feels like it's all over the place yet, it sound very sharp, so it left me wondering.
So any ideas guys? Could it be a sample anybody recognizes? even though... this can be anything so pretty impossible to distinguish where it came from.
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yeah... sounds like a cut up vocal...

low passed a lil bit. maybe a phaser?

just have to keep playing with it. when u get something that loops in time, then you're gonna have something a bit closer to it to play with.