Netsky mix by Iandys

I made a new mix. It's a kind of special mix because there are only tunes in from my favourite producer at the moment, Netsky. Netsky is a Belgian producer from antwerp and he is doin' big things in the drum and bass scene. He didn't make a single bad tune so far, he is young, talented and his tunes are so ......good, so soulful, so wicked, so fresh, so new...
That's why I made this special mix as a kind of tribute to this wonderboy, 'Netsky'. I bought every tune on vinyl that came out so far, and I putted them in a nice mix. If you can ever catch netsky at a party, do it, he can mix too. Go to his myspace (, he normally makes a new mix every month where you can hear his new tunes in and other tunes as well. Well, I hope you enjoy this music as much as I do, give it a go, open your ears for something new and enjoy!

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Mixed by iandys

1. Netsky – Lost In This World
2. Netsky – Prisma

3. Netsky – Starlight

4. Netsky – Tomorrow Is Another Day

5. Netsky – Everyday

6. Netsky – Hold On To Love

7. Netsky – Come Back Home

8. Netsky – Young And Foolish

9. Netsky & Crystal Clear – King Of The stars