Netsky '2' - New Album Out Monday!

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Releasing on Monday, Netsky's new album '2' is now available to order at

Save up to 20% on this album, continue reading for more info.

Friday Shipping - Monday Delivery

Click on the links below to view, listen or buy!

Click here for the CD: NHS213CD

1. Love Has Gone
2. The Whistle Song feat. Dynamite MC
3. Wanna Die For You feat. Diane Charlemagne
4. Come Alive
5. Give & Take
6. Get Away From Here feat. Selah Sue
7. 911
8. Squad Up feat. Jimmy Jams
9. Jetlag Funk
10. Puppy
11. When Darkness Falls feat. Bridgette Amofah
12. Detonate
13. No Beginning
14. Drawing Straws

Click here
for the Vinyl: NHS213LP

a) Love Has Gone
b) 911
c) Jetlag Funk,
d) No Beginning
e) Drawing Straws
f) Detonate
g) Get Away From Here (Instrumental)
h) Give & Take

*The first 1000 limited edition 4-piece gatefold vinyl are shrink-wrapped with the full CD album included. All re-presses after this will be the vinyl on its own.

Also, if you haven't grabbed it already, click here to check out Netsky's album sampler: Come Alive / Come Alive (Culture Shock Rmx) NHS211T

To get 10% off any of these Netsky releases simply enter this code "NETSKYDNB"
into the promo code box when checking out.

#Please note that if you log into your Intense Members Account you will receive your standard 10% Off aswell, making a total saving of 20%. These discounts will apply to all items in your cart from any artist, but there must be at least one Netsky track in your order!!

To view all things Netsky click here
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There will be a new section on the D&B awards this year: most threads for one release - Netsky.
Think it will fit nicely next to his best newcomer, best DJ and best hair awards.


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Yeah, I know. I still find it funny tho, considering "the standard" limited edition nowadays being 300. After listening to full tunes I must say it's not that bad. I even like around half of the tunes on the album, which makes it better than HC's or Logistics' new albums :teeth: