Netlabel Release : SC:Digital008 - incl anonymi:Dance of the Yakusaru

Netlabel Release : SC:Digital009 - incl anonymi:Dance of the Yakusaru

Hey peeps, sorry ive not posted in so long, but heres a bit of news...

I am pleased to announce the release of Dance of the Yakusaru, as part of the Subvert Central Digital Soundclash vol. 2 [SC:Digital009].
Along with quality tracks from DB1, Fada, SC9 and Creep the EP is available for free download from Subvert Digital, part of the Subvert Central Underground Network.

SC:Digital proudly presents our very first four track digital EP release! As part of our ongoing commitment to bringing you fresh sounds from unheard voices in electronic music, and presenting them in the best way possible we are pleased to announce that each of these tunes has been specially mastered for MP3 by none other than MACC (Outsider, Subtle Audio), so those (few!) of you who still persist in your beliefs that no free net label could possibly offer tunes that are on a par with anything else out there with no cost to the consumer are going to be tucking in to nice warm slices of humble pie in 5... 4... 3... 2...
Anonymi – Dance of the Yakusaru
DB-1 – Plastic Clouds
Fada - We become shattered (Parallel remix)
SC9 & Creep – Materia

Get it HERE

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