Label Nerve028 - Trisector & Dejaru - out now!

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    Going back to the Nerve roots with this release – two absolutely brilliant tough n techy rollers from Finland’s finest – Trisector & Dejaru. Individually they create a beautiful cacophony of noise – with Trisector releasing on Med School and Dejaru delivering for Vampire Records but together it’s an even more beautiful thang.

    “Dead End” opens with creepy pads and synth work before a crisp breaks rolls in as a wee warning for the approaching bass, which can only be described as “a bit like that bit in Indiana Jones with the giant ball”. It’s a tough techy roller and guaranteed to get any decent dancefloor on it’s feet and on the go. “Aeon Silicon” on the flip is a dirtier affair, again the trademark quality beats and bass are in place topped off with a grungey synth hook that can only be described as “filth” (in the best possible way).

    Download both tracks for free at: