Nerve release schedule for rest of 2004 - with audio

Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by paulreset, May 26, 2004.

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    Just as a taster of our forthcoming releases for the rest of 2004, I thought I'd sling up lofi MP3 versions of the next 4 releases. If ya have time, have a listen through these and see what ya's think, and leave some feedback!

    Varied selection of tunage - from the techy driven beats of Nerve 15 and 17, to the amen madness on 16 - and onto the melodic, dreamy vibes of ICR on the track title for Mp3 - approximate release dates shown

    Nerve 15 - Cord & SKC/Stare - July 2004

    A) "Swarm"
    AA) "Underdog"

    Nerve 16 - Isotone/Pyro - August 2004

    A) "The Tourist"
    AA) "Metal Fatigue"

    Nerve 17 - Noisia/Pyro - September 2004

    A) "Silicon (Mindscape rmx)
    AA) "Sea of Change (Pyro & 154 rmx)"

    Nerve 18 - ICR - October 2004

    A) "Words"
    AA) "Arcadia"

    Hope ya like!
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    phat stuff , keep it ruff in the far north :slayer:
    and while youz guys dig isotone, how bout doin every everyday junglist happy by signing Death Of Princess..? i'll give youz a cheeseburger..:D