Nerve Productions - Press Release Jan 03


Aug 13, 2002
Glasgow, Scotland
Nerve Recordings - Press Release - January 2003

After the success of the Kemal/BSE remix 12" - we come back for 2003 with something a little special. Also remember to check out January's issue of Knowledge Magazine for a Nerve cover CD mixed by label boss Paul Reset

"The Ternary Series" will feature a series of 3 limited edition white label only releases - each release split between two artists - showcasing some of the worlds finest new producers. Audio clips at

Part 1 (Nerve 006) - released January 2003

A) Kiko "Blowfish"
B) Pyro "Vertical Pursuit (Route 154)"

Part 2 (Nerve 007) - released February 2003

A) Psidream "Wendigo"
B) Accela & Hochi "C Walkin"

Part 3 (Nerve008) - released March 2003

A) SKC "No Way"
B) Pyro "Sea of Change"

As for Nerve Breaks - we're starting 2003 running again - with NB005 released at the start of February

Nerve Breaks 005 - Paul Reset
(A) "Garbage Lifestyle (Gecko rmx)"
(B1) "Garbage Lifestyle (Original)"
(B2) "Garbage Lifestyle (Jengaheads rmx)"

Also NB006 will be hitting the shops at the end of March!

Nerve Breaks 006 - Contax
A) "Hit List"
B) "Hit List (Paul Reset rmx)"

Audio clips of all releases up at

Cheers, Paul
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