Nerve/Paul Reset - internet radio show - friday nights


Aug 13, 2002
Glasgow, Scotland

Yup every Friday from 9-10.30PM GMT you can catch myself and fellow Glasgow Dj Tania Swift in the mix on

We're rotating it weekly, so I'm up this Friday (Oct 4th) and she'll do 11th and I'll do 18th and so on...

Toon in for fresh tunes, Nerve news and general pissed banter :)

Also if you're in the Glasgow area you can listen on 106.6FM

Also we'll have an interview with Simon "Bassline" Smith on the 11th and we'll be broadcasting from LiveVEvil @ the Art School, Glasgow where Simon and myself will be playing...

Soooo drop us a mail during the show at or drop me a mail on for news on Nerve stuff, toilet humour and erm the quality of fried rice in Glasgow...

Cheers, Paul
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