Nerve/Brand X audio/visual promo


Aug 13, 2002
Glasgow, Scotland
Please find below - a link to a 10 minute audio/visual clip created to promote the audio/visual aspect of the LiveVEvil club night at the Glasgow School of Art. The audio is mixed by myself and contains 4 tracks released on Nerve Recordings while the video has been created for the promo by the Brand X visual team. The movie is a compressed mpeg to reduce file size. If you'd like to see a higher quality version - get in touch as its much better seen in better quality but we wanted to keep file size minimal

File is 40MB -

Thanks to the guys at for the space as always much appreciated.

For more info on the audio or visual aspects of the promo, or the actual club night please contact

Full website coming shortly at
Reminds me of the video tape in "The Ring"

Cool though!

Bigups mr Reset for tryin' something different!
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