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    Well with Nerve 11 just landing on TP I thought it was time to unveil what we have lined up for 2004!

    First up here’s lofi MP3 clips of Pyro’s Nerve 11 release for your listening pleasure!

    Nerve 12 – Pyro – Released December 2003

    A) “Sentinel”
    B) “Oblivion Cruises (feat Proxcis)”

    For the first half of 2004, we’ve got 3 releases lined up that we’re very excited about. Kabuki steps up for release number 12 to kick off 2004 with two funked out rollers, with a discography as long as your arm as part of the Makai production team and as a solo producer you know quality is assured! Puerto Rico’s Fission turn in Nerve 13 – hard techy bizness is the order of the day here and with releases forthcoming on Tech Itch and Freak – these guys are gonna be the name to watch in 2004! Finishing off the hat trick are US producers Arqer & Realtime with two dancefloor smashers – with past releases on labels such as DSCI4, Renegade Hardware and Outbreak Ltd – again, top quality is guaranteed!

    So check out the lofi MP3 clips below and let us know what ya think!

    Nerve 12 – Kabuki – Feb/March 2004

    A) “Berzerk”
    B) “Pacemaker”

    Nerve 13 – Fission – March/April 2004

    A) “Osirion”
    B) “Luxor”

    Nerve 14 – Arqer & Realtime – April/May 2004

    A) “Get a Little Closer”
    B) “Believe”

    Stare's "Underdog" shall follow shortly after - flip TBC as well as a remix 12" featuring Mindscape's wicked remix of Noisia's "Silicon" with another remix TBC. My "Awaken Life" track with Velocet should also surface next year along with hopefully some new bits from Pyro!

    Cheers, Paul
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    Nice one Paul, release schedule is looking solid

    Underdog by Stare is a tune