Nerve 029 - Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat - Out Now

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    Cat No: NERVE029
    Artist: Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat
    Released: 20th April 2010

    Paul Reset’s notes:

    Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat have been carving a niche for themselves in the dnb scene over the past year or so with their high quality deep dnb with a darker edge. Past releases on Temper D Productions and forthcoming material for Raiden’s Offkey imprint give you an indication of the quality within.

    For us they’ve delivered a brilliant double edged release – “Poison Dream” opens proceedings with edgey synth work draped over rollin percussion and eerie pads, while “Alignment” on the flip is heavily dipped in atmosphere, with it’s “1,2,3,4″ refrain repeating hauntingly throughout over some beautiful piano work.

    The release showcases two sides to their production talents and fits as well to home headphone listening as it does on a dark dancefloor at 2AM.

    Go and grab this release for free here >>
    or here >>
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