Nerm & D-Code @ BBC - In New DJs We Trust, 21-11-2008


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Jun 13, 2006
Czech Republic, Ostrava


Arctic Monkeys – ‘When The Sun Goes Down (Fake ID’s Scrummy mix)’ (White)
Sigma – ‘Paint It Black’ (Hospital)
London Elektricity – ‘Attack Ships On Fire’ (Hospital)
Noisia – Stigma (Vision)
Misha – ‘Bugs (Receptor Remix)’ (Dubplate)
ATZ – ‘Kissed (DisaZt VIP)’ (Mainframe)
Camo & Krooked – ‘Get Funky’ (Dubplate)
Benny Page – ‘Bashment Boogie’ (Dubplate)
Martsman – ‘Sir Gordon Jumpmeister III’ (Med School)
Noah D – ‘Channel Surfer’ (Dubplate)
dRamatic – ‘Inhale’ (Dubplate)
D-Code – ‘Erotica’ (Shiva Soundsystem)
Trona – ‘Bulletproof (Kiro’s Armor Piercing Remix)’ (System)
Shimon vs Disaszt – ‘Light Speed’ (Audio Porn)
Modesselektor – ‘Black Block (Hiddensee 2008 Version)’ (Bpitch Control)
Rob le Pitch – ‘Sticky Fingers (Tom Real and Rogue Element Remix)’ (777)
Atlantic Connection - ‘Good Hood Review (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)’ (Westbay)


Deepz – ‘Shadows’ (Dubplate)
Cern – ‘Lucid State’ (Critical)

Helders Vs London Elektricity

Matt Helders – ‘Cautious Horse / Kanye Accapella (CDR)
Wu Tang Clan – ‘Gravel Pit’ (Phantom Sound & Vision)
Black Keys – ‘10am Automatic (Helders remix) (CDR)
The Prodigy – ‘Girls’ (Sony/Columbia)
Dead Man 5 – ‘The Reward is Cheese’ (CDR)

London Elektricity
Mistabishi – ‘Printer Jam’ (Hospital)
Commix – ‘Bens Music’ (Hospital)
London Elektricity - ‘All Hell is Breaking Loose (Hospital)
Logistics – ‘Jungle Music’ (Hospital)
London Elektricity – ‘Date Matter (Nutone remix)’ (Hospital)
London Elektricity – ‘Different Drum (Photek remix)’ (Hospital)

501 – ‘Downplay’ (Dubtrade Dubplate)
Crissy Criss – ‘Tempol of Doom’ (Dubplate)
Barbarix – ‘Rumble Strip’ (Eastern Pressure)
Dirtyphonics – ‘Quarks’ (Audio Porn)
D-Fiance – ‘More For Ya Soul’ (Sudden Def)
Spherical – ‘Untitled’
Michael Hutchence – ‘Passenger’ (Atlantic Records)
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