Neosignal presents: Phace & Misanthrop – FROM DEEP SPACE LP


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On behalf of Neosignal we would like to take the chance to officially announce our upcoming album release in detail.

Phace & Misanthrop – FROM DEEP SPACE

“If you're anywhere near interested in drum & bass and the exploration of sonic logic and depth you cannot miss this album. Nobody goes where Phace and Misanthrop go.“ (Noisia)

14 Track CD (NSGNLCD001) & MP3

1. Phace - Channel Feel
2. Phace & Misanthrop - From Deep Space
3. Phace - Simplicity
4. Misanthrop - Orbit
5. Phace - Generation For Sale
6. Phace - Expectation Hurts
7. Misanthrop - Going Down Slow
8. Phace - You Keep On Talking
9. Misanthrop - Shadow
10. Phace & Misanthrop - Non Human
11. Phace - Interplay
12. Phace & Misanthrop - My Arae
13. Phace - Regenerate The Blues
14. Misanthrop – Last Transmission

5 x 12” Vinyl (NSGNLLP001)

1. Phace & Misanthrop – From Deep Space
2. Phace – Simplicity
3. Misanthrop – Orbit
4. Misanthrop – Going Down Slow
5. Phace – Keep On Talking
6. Phace – Expectation Hurts
7. Phace & Misanthrop – Non Human
8. Phace & Misanthrop – My Area
9. Phace – Interplay
10. Phace – Regenerate The Blues

Audio/video previews can be found on the Neosignal Youtube Channel - - more to come, watch this space.

Release Date of all formats (CD / Digital Download / Vinyl) is February 8th
(could be a bit later for some countries depending on the distribution end).

For the early birds - a very limited amount of Vinyl promos is going to be shipped worldwide as we speak and should be in the shops asap, watch it.

For the full Vinyl release - there will only be 500 copies pressed – you are better off securing your copy early when you are after vinyl.

Album Competition coming up:

Mid of January we are going to post up a brief album medley mix on our Neosignal Myspace ( and Soundcloud ( previewing all of the LP tracks. This medley will be part of a competition going to be exclusively announced to our newsletter subscribers . Make sure to sign up here if you want to take part and win something hip.

Neosignal Podcast coming up:

We are also launching our own Neosignal Podcast Volume 001 at the same time the LP is going to hit the streets. Stay tuned on that one.


For promoters interested in setting up a ‘From Deep Space’ album tour date –both Phace and Misanthrop are accepting booking offers.

Bookings are held through GRAM, Anger Management or Lifted Music. Detailed booking contacts can be found on our webpage ( or myspace (

Phace’s North American album release tour for March 2010 is shaping up quickly, there are a few dates still available. A tour in OZ/NZ (booked through Knowledge Music) will also happen later the year.

Thanks for your time and the support! :)


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The wait is over, today is the official release date for our FROM DEEP SPACE LP
You can get a Vinyl / CD copy directly from our distribution Triple Vison
If you want to be sure to get your copy early, you should be able to guarantee your MP3 / Wave copy of the LP at Beatport

In a perfect world all of the LP formats (CD, 5 x 12" Vinyl) should be available in most of the stores around you within this week. Nevertheless this might vary from one country or shop to another. This depends on the different distribution channels included and unfortunately is not in our hands. We are sorry for any inconvenience and hope you will manage to get your copy just in time!


We also got two different From Deep Space Album T-Shirts available at the merchandise section

Neosignal Podcast

For those who haven’t noticed yet, we launched Volume 001 of our Neosignal label podcast last week and will try to provide you with a fresh mix once in a while. Check our webpage NEOSIGNAL.DE for the mp3/m4a or you can subscribe directly to our RSS Feed or our iTunes Podcast Channel