Neosignal 2013 plans..


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to break our silence on the airwaves of late we feel the time has come to share some exciting news with you, our loyal subscribers, fans, network partners, and friends…

but before giving a heads up on what 2013 holds for both neosignal (the digital “band” consisting of phace & misanthrop) and neosignal recordings, we take the chance to thank you all for an amazing year. you people are without a doubt our true motivation and help to keep on walking this way….

therefore we wish you all a happy, healthy and most important of it all, a new year without any fear. times are changing and getting harder, both the world’s capitalistic system and industry sharpen their claws. but we believe there is a way to ignore most of this mass media programming of minds; the most reliable way to predict ones future is to create it and to educate and open yourself for new things.

//neosignal [digital band] album

following up our 2012 remixes the time has come for us to introduce our own take on electronic music in form of an album.

a full year in writing [and about to be completed this month] we are now looking for the right ways, partners and channels to both realize this project and to bring it on stage. the album will consist of electronic music we do not really know how to call yet [thijs noisia called it neo digital krautrock :] and most likely will be signed to a different label. but for all our d&b lovers, there is no reason to panic; there will be more music on neosignal /neodigital recordings this year too [more info below ;]!

in terms of lining things up for the album release we already started to talk to people and to work on things as fast we can and hope to have more concrete info to share within the next weeks…

it will be all step by step and we do not want to rush things but make them right. we can just say that we are really excited about our plans…

// neosignal recordings releases

to all our lovely d&b fans, as mentioned above there will be new neosignal recordings music from phace & misanthrop soon, most likely to be released in form of an ep (including a collab with mefjus and with noisia)! we are working out things as we speak and also hope to have more concrete info to share on this as soon as possible.

and as all good things go by threes we can also announce that we arranged the possibility to re-release phace’s debut lp “psycho” on neodigital recordings in form of a digital deluxe package (including his full subtitles back catalogue!). we will do a remix contest within this project too, again more info when the right time comes!

in terms of the neosignal podcast series, i know we haven’t recorded one in while but we were simply very busy with getting everything on track. we promise to record one very soon!

last but not least, as always we are looking into signing fresh music we feel for our neodigital imprint; so keep on sending us your demos!

exciting times, lots of work; let’s get it started 2013!

Phace, Misanthrop, Noisia and Mefjus collab :beers: