NEOSIGNAL 005 // Phace - Absurd / Vintage //


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Yes, you’ve heard right – we are happy to say that Neosignal is finally back on track to announce its first 2010 single release with brand new design and distribution.

Following on from his highly acclaimed album ‘From Deep Space’, released earlier this year with longtime partner Misanthrop, Phace is finally back in the studio and goes it alone for yet another exhilarating ride into the seriously twisted realms of drum and bass. Keeping things ever-fresh and forward-thinking this is music for the 22nd century. And here are the details:

// Phace – Absurd / Vintage // Cat.No. NSGNL 005

Promo Release Date: 23.08. // Full Release Date: 27.09.

// Audio @ // //

// Video @

The Release will be available in all good record stores near you or directly via Groove Attack (

For more information contact Backdrop Promotions - or

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// Change of distribution channels

After a couple of successful years with Triple Vision we are happy to announce that Neosignal is going to be distributed via Groove Attack & SRD as of now.

// New Neosignal Shirts

In line with the relaunch of our artwork design there is a new Neosignal Shirts available. The rise of the three bars! You can get them via

// Neosignal Shop

We recently are getting an own Neosignal shop programmed and hope to go online within this year. We plan on selling all of the Neosignal music, digital downloads and merchandise.

// Neosignal Podcast

We promised to record another podcast for the summer and due to all the changes are running a bit late on this. Our new aim is to release the second podcast at some point in September ;)

// Forthcoming Neosignal Music

By now it looks like Neosignal 006 is going to be a collaboration single featuring two heavyweight bangers: // Phace & Misanthrop – Desert Orgy / Phace & Noisia – Stagger //. We haven’t decided the exact release date for this yet and will keep you guys and girls posted.

Misanthrop is also working on a couple of brand new solo bits which are planned to hit the surface past Neosignal 006.

After endless touring in the first half of the year Phace currently is hatching a plot to come up with even more new solo material and lately is working on a couple of collaborations as well (with Spor, Noisia and Rockwell).

// Neosignal Newsletter

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// Bookings

For European phace and misanthrop bookings please contact Tom ( or Robyn (

Cheers for your time and so long!

Yes yes yes yes, looking forward very much to this, Phace always kill it.

The collobaration with Rockwell is just gonna be ridiculous :D keep us posted with details of that please mate!