Nemesisfive 2015 mix thread.

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    Boh,Brap and all that crap comes a new mix from NemesisFive to get you in the mood to tear shit up and rage against the system. This mix is dedicated to the undeground dnb fan in your life enjoy.

    The Idol Is Dead (08/15/15): Track list

    1. Electricity: John B
    2. Synchro: Ogonek
    3. Dark Ryder: Optive/B.T.K.
    4. Heliox: Allied/Nphonix
    5. Catalysis (v.i.p.): Allied
    6. Barbarian: Absurd/CA2K
    7. Happy Mode: Current Value
    8. Towerlight: Kitech
    9. Consciousness: Coresplittaz
    10. Sunshine: Aconit
    11. No Mans Land: Aconit
    12. No Future: Aconit
    13. Pain and Agony: East Kingdom
    14. Angel Of Shit: (feat. Looh) Cooh
    15. Golem: Saintone
    16. Dissonance: Dean Rodell
    17. De Pressurized: The Sect
    18 Big Data: Misantroph
    19. Ulysses: The Sect
    20. Crushed: Counterstrike
    21. Fuck The Lobby: Nu-Phase
    22. Ready For The Pain: Counterstrike
    23. Exterminate: Empire X