Nemesisfive (2014 dnb mixes) Rise Of The Cyberman/The Ides Of March

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    First dj mix in a long time, trying to get back into music after a forced 2 year hiatus.

    Track Listing: Rise Of The Cyberman (01/18/14)

    Hallucinator: South of heaven
    Counterstrike/KC: Extreme Mutilation
    Counterstrike/Forbidden Society: Extreme
    Forbidden Machines/Max Shade: Mental Failure
    Machine Code/Cooh/Switch Technique: Heisenberg
    Circular Discharge/Aggress1on: Tortua
    Gancher/Ruin: Tsar
    Switch Technique: Violence won't stop
    Gorebug: They are dead
    Counterstrike/SPL/Limewax: Killing machine (VIP)
    Freqax: Stories of the dead
    Cooh/Current Value: Optic nerve
    Katharsys: Konvolution (Fund'o Edit)
    Fragz: A new breed
    Dean Rodell: Thought machines
    Eiton/T-Psy: Y
    Max Shade: Pornographie (Max Shade Remix??)
    Death Machines: Point of origin
    Kaiza/Shots: Pravda (Kaiza/The Sickbrothers remix)
    Fragz/Hallucinator: Bloodbath
    Counterstrike/The Panacea/Robyn Chaos: Thunderstatement (The Panacea proto VIP)

    Brrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaappppppppppp!!!!!! This mix is for the the assasin in your life, enjoy this soundtrack of mischief and mayhem. ez

    Track List: The Ides Of March (03/31/14)

    1. Counterstrike: Polarize
    2. Nphonix/Teddy Killerz: Burnin'
    3. Nanotype: Human Revolution
    4. Misanthrop: System Crash
    5. Black Sun Empire/State Of Mind: Unconscious
    6. Hallucinator: Body Function (VIP)
    7. Dose/Victim: Scourge
    8. Black Sun Empire: Bitemark (Zardonic rmx)
    9. Neomind: Hard To Choose
    10. Counterstrike: Devil Fish
    11 Proton Kid: Leverage(Eiton rmx)
    12. Raiden: Rust
    13. Lethal: Storm Break
    14. K4ry: Turbo Encabulator
    15. Sublimator: Understand
    16. Swinlok: Eliminate (dub)
    17. Black Sun Empire/Jade: Deadhouse (Inside Info/Mefjus rmx)
    18. Brainpain: Killing Us (Max Shade rmx)
    19. Proton Kid: No Sleep (Hardlogic rmx)
    20. Unknown Error/Janine Small: Rising