Nemesis5ive: Isolation Experiments (08/01/14)

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    This mix is dedicated to the nonconformist in your life, the type of person who does not conform to a generally accepted pattern of thought or action........rock on and keep being real.....F.T.W................

    Track List:

    1. Zardonic: House Of Sorrow
    2. Swinlok: Mind Control
    3. Machine Code: Druken Master
    4. Cooh: Free Your Negativity
    5. Current Value: Xray
    6. Max Shade/Ogonek: Gravity
    7. Counterstrike: Rotterdam Sansomas (vip)
    8. Damage Inc: Connect The Cuts (vip)
    9. Switch Technique: Hard Inside
    10. Gancher/Ruin: Teara
    11. Fragz/Cooh: Space Cake
    12. Triamer: Sacrifice
    13. Counterstrike: Impossible Mission
    14. Tatlum: Careful
    15. Omar Santana/Zardonic/Evan Gamble Lewis: Dominate
    16. DJ Hidden: The Raw Universe
    17. Pantera: Domination (Zero bootleg)
    18. Marilyn Manson: Apote (Zardonic rmx)