Negativedj-10.31.02-The New Mix


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Aug 22, 2002
Hey all,
The new mix is done and i ended up just calling it 10/31/02.
You can D/L it at
Some new tunes....some old ones....a good mix of styles i think. Check the tracks

1) Gridlok-Stinkfist-G2 Plate
2) Sinthetix-Dimentia-Renegade Hardware
3) Stakka/Skynet-Czr Remix-Canvas Plate
4) Bad Company Logo-Dogfight-Bad Company
5) Swift-Blaxploitation-Charge
6) Swift-Rattlesnake-Blade
7) Influx Datum-Cosa Buena-Industry
8) Marky/Xs-Closer-Soul:R
9) Concord Dawn-Bad Bones-Phreak Plate
(Tease: Loxy/Ink-Quasimodo-Hardware)
10) Concord Dawn-Mutationz Remix-Dsci4
11) Gridlok-Jupiter-Unsigned Plate
12) Gridlok-Access Remix-Unsigned Plate
13) Optiv-Flatworms-Red Light
14) Concord Dawn-Slinky-Plate
15) E-sassin-Quadrent Six Rx-Plate
(Tease: Loxy/Ink-Quasimodo-Hardware)
16) Jungleboy/Negative-Tampa Connect-Unsigned Plate
17) Raiden-Fallen-Renegade Hardware
18) Kemal/Dom-Moulin Rouge-Moving Shadow
19) Gridlok-Trapped in Flight-P51 Plate

I hope everyone enjoys it. Comments/questions. E-mail or Aim @ negativedj

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