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easy there, this jungle mix I did goes down really well, had over1500 views on the thread here since december 07. Links below:

If you do use it let me know please.

Lion 1a / Congo Natty
>>> Valley of the Shadows / Origin Unknown
Bad Ass / Mickey Finn & Aphrodite
Arsonist / Urban Shakedown
Night Flight / Shimon & Andy C
Ganjaman / Krome & Time
Calling All the People / A-Zone
Lord of the Null Lines / Hyper-on Experience
Lighter / Sounds of the Future [DJ SS RMX]
Love, Peace & Unity / DJ Hype feat Fats
P-Funk Era / Pascal
>>> Recharge / Shimon & Andy C
Pulp Fiction / Alex Reece
Trick of Technology [RMX] / Prisoners of Technology
Only One Life to Live / DJ Hype
Original Ses (Police In Helicopter) / Tribe Of Issachar feat Top Cat
Quest / Shimon & Andy C
All Over Me - Aphrodite feat Barrington Levy
Trust Me / Roni Size
The Helicopter Tune / Deep Blue
Champion Sound / Q Project
Mash Up The Place / DJ Hype
The License / Krome & Time
Pranksters / DJ Zinc
Yes Selectah / Tribe Of Issachar feat Top Cat
Woo Ha! / Busta Rhymes [Origin Unknown RMX]
Chopper / The Terrorist [Ray Keiths Dirty Chopper RMX]
Love Dont Live Here / Yazz [Aphrodite Bootleg]
Cause n Effect / Concept 2
Bring The Danger / DJ Zinc feat GQ
Incredible / M-Beat feat General Levy
>>> Sound Control / Andy C & Randall
Truly One / Origin Unknown
Sweet Love / M-Beat feat Nazlyn
Hurt You So / Jonny L
On a Ragga Tip / SL2

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Wave's & Zound
Mixed by Glare(Darkitek,RoadofPerdition,C.O.A.)


1.Chase & Status - Sell me your Soul
*Bad Company - MindGames
2.Jenna G - Supersounds(ClipzRmx)
3.Lemon D - Ready For Love(DieRmx)
4.Dillinja - Tunnel Grinder
5.Ed Rush & Optical - Kerbkrawler(BaronRmx)
6.Generation Dub - Fidding Tree
7.Xample - Low Down
8.Doc Octagon - Aliens(SubFocusRmx)
9.Chase & Status - Trapdoor
10.Matrix & Futurebound - Coast 2 Coast
*Pendulum - Voult
11.Hazard - Busted
12.Xample - Deepper Underground
13.TC Ftr SubFocus - ????
14.Xample - Coma
15.Digital Nation - Toxin
16.Hazard & DisortedMinds - Trigger happy
17.Generation Dub - Push It
18.Bad Company - Planet Dust
19.Dillinja - Life
20.Kraken - Side Effects
21.Phetsta - Congo
22.Marky - LK (?Rmx)
23.TC - Get that Girl
24.SubFocus - SwampThing
25.???? - Road to Happiness
26.Clipz - Push & Pull
27.Terravita - ?????
*Stakka & Skynet - Clockwork (Skynet vs Kemal Rmx)

Time: 61:41@120kps


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Just send me an email to notify when you use it thankx & enjoy.
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Easy mate, gota little mix here if ya want this.


Nightwalker - Promos
Shimon - The Shadow Knows
Jaydan - Crank
SubFocus - Swamp Thing
Jaydan - Felony
Simon Bassline Smith - Ready for the Bassline
Majistrate - Yeti-muncher (G-Dub RMX)
Soulpride - Babylon
Jaydan - Afterdark
State of mind - back to the jungle
Lynx - Disco Dodo
Taxman - Too Bad
Jaydan - Rinse the Selection
Soulpride - Control
Complex - Zero
Jaydan - your move
DJ Die - Number 1 vip
fresh - play me
pleasure - bounty hunter
Brockie & Ed Solo - Lost Bass (kane rmx)
Dj Die - Get closer
Brockie & Ed Solo - Echobox vip
pleasure - the grinder
Phetsta - afrika
TC - Gameover
pleasure - mustang fastback

Let me know if ya do use it, cheers mate.

Badman Pesh

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Feel free to use my mix on your podcast section...if you use it, please let me know! Respect!

>>>>> Dj Hazard - Murder Tonight
>>>>> Aphrodite - Ready or not remix
>>>>> Original Nuttah (Bambaata remix)
>>>>> Visionary - No.9 Dub
>>>>> Visionary - Ganja Fire
>>>>> Adam F - Circles
>>>>> Adam F - Circles (Roni Size)
>>>>> Topcat - Roughest Gun Ark
>>>>> DJ Freeze feat Beenie Man - Troublemaker
>>>>> Urban Shakedown - Arsonist A.K.A. Some Justice 1
>>>>> DJ Marky feat Stamina MC - LK (Its the way)
>>>>> DJ Hazard - Hedz Must Roll
>>>>> Congo Natty feat Topcat - Police In Helicopter
>>>>> Shy FX - The Message
>>>>> Demolition Man - Fire
>>>>> Shy FX - Plastic Soul
>>>>> Shy FX - Don't Rush
>>>>> Ebony Dubsters - Power of Ra
>>>>> G-Dub - Tink Ya Bad
>>>>> Mos Def - Panties (Zero Tolerance Remix)
>>>>> Fierce and Break Feat D-Bridge and Nico - Galleon
>>>>> Calibre - Stcal Roller
>>>>> Break - Let It Happen
>>>>> Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Let The Good Times Roll
>>>>> Majistrate - Yeti Muncher
>>>>> TC - Game Over


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38min Demo from one of UK's top Up and Coming DJs.... RocksteadyUK

"RocksteadyUK hits with yet another superb mix: The names of the songs reflect the intense experience he has managed to create, with rollers such as ‘chainsaw’ and ‘the fury’ definitely providing some idea of whats in store. The mix is tight, seamless and fluid, with some real bangers included- Heavy hitters sit perfectly alongside a chilled (yet dark!) intro, illustrating how well this man can bounce out the tunes at different paces. All in all, RocksteadyUK is one to watch; his technique is impeccable, his selection is without fault- slap this mix in your car and scare the neighbours!"
By Barnzee -

"Stepping up and into the hotseat is the RocksteadyUK, one third of The Mutant DJs, providing a set which takes you on a journey through the dark and moody depths of the future of drum & bass.

Sounds of the future starts with the atmospheric, disturbing intro of “Counting to Infinity” by Rusher, a tune with a deep and techy edge to its beats. This is followed by more perfectly mixed bangers from the same dark and nasty stable, leading into a killer of a track “Chainsaw” by the one and only Fresh, a guaranteed dance floor smasher! RocksteadyUK eases the tunes from dark, tech style beats into some of the biggest, bashiest jump-up anthems of the moment, hitting all the right buttons with this heavy selection. With Soulpride’s track Babylon making an appearance, its reggae inspired vocal samples and stomping, wobbling bassline makes it known that RocksteadyUK isn’t messing about when it comes to making a dance floor go crazy! Followed on by more dance floor bombs from the likes of DJ Pleasure, Callide and DJ Panik this set is bound to get the Bassbins pumping! Finishing the Set with Optimist’s “In the ghetto”, you’ll feel like you’ve seen into the future of the drum & bass scene courtesy of RocksteadyUK’s seamless mixing and selection of some of the heaviest tunes of right now.

So put it on, turn it up, and hold tight…."
By DJ Octane - DesireFM



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If you want em theres 3 mixes of mine (or rather my m8 Darkus-F's) floating around on here... pretty sure Ive linked to em in my sig. Another mix on the way from him soon too once Ive sorted out my tech problems with my PC.