DnB Needed: Dj's/presenters for a new internet radio


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Aug 24, 2011
Benthuizen, Netherlands
Hey guys/girls,

Me, Wouter, and my friend are setting up a new webradio.
It'll be part of the brand new website of "FragConnect".
FragConnect is a website that will connect gamers. You can compare it with facebook, but then for gamers.
It will bring gamers together.

So our aim is to give gamers, but also non-gamers, some high quality music. Especially genres such as Drum and Bass, Drumstep, A little dubstep, Dance, Club, Trance and House.

The site is currently in beta mode. The official launch will be on the 24th of september 2011.
We've already got many people interested in using Fragconnect. Called the "beta users".

With the site launch the radio will start as well. There for we need new presenters and DJ's!
So here the question... Would YOU be interested in joining our presenter/DJ team?

Minimum age is 16.
If you have not got any DJ equipment at all BUT you can work with Sam Broadcaster it's kool. Obviously, we prefer the DJ's with equipment.
I use 2 decks and a mixer myself as well

If you're interested please contact me on DnBforum OR email me: wouter-.-_@live.nl !

P.S. We've had a couple of years experience with web radio's and websites :)

Thanks for reading and hopefully you're interested!

peace guys
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