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Ez all,
If you could be so kind as to just sign up to this FB group to save Nerm's electro east show on the beeb.
Please join and complain at or by calling 03700 100 222
It will only take a couple of minutes of your time and we want to try and get as much support in as we can!

Help support a movement to stop the BBC Asian Network taking away the great show Electroeast hosted by Nerm. Nerm has announced there are only 6 shows left so we must act fast!!

This show brings in a multicultural audience. It’s not only Asians that listen to this show its people all over the world from all different cultures. Surely this can only be a good thing for the Asian Network??

No other show attracts such a diversity of cultures whether listeners or guests!!

It’s only 2 hours a week which is quite clearly not enough given the amount of airtime some of the other shows on the BBC Asian Network are given! However, 2 hours is better than nothing!

Hopefully we can collectively show the BBC Asian Network the Electroeast show with Nerm is an asset to the radio station and by getting rid of it, the public service it is meant to fulfil is not being fulfilled!

Support this group and let’s save the show we all love!!

Please email with the subject ‘SAVE ELECTROEAST WITH NERM ON THE BBC ASIAN NETWORK!!’ and let them know how you feel!

Support this group and encourage others to support it. Let’s get as many people joining this group as possible. We only stand a chance of saving this show if we give it strong support in numbers
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