Need Unorthodox Beatboxers For Musical Projects

Discussion in 'Waffle' started by proteus, Dec 8, 2003.

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    May 25, 2003
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    Like everytime I am on tha street and someone recognizes me and they rhyme or beatbox I am too much for them to handle.

    When a typical freestyle you do is like say.. wont believe what ya seeing when I transfer back in to my liquid state, become vacuum energy throw matter streams and pulsars in ya face, along with sum virtual particles and sum quantum mechanics wit sum astro-physics aeronautics N electrodynamics un un cybernetic acoustic Information callisthenic quadratics biostatic pneumatic kinematic chromatic acrobatic ecstatics electrostatic anti-matter man busting skillz at warp speed my Godspeed stampede will indeed give tha phatest emcee a nose bleed make em look about as cool as a inbred paralyze his ass so someone else has to spoon feed you...aa

    ok you get the point

    its just to much for normal kats ta handle so I know there are sum tweaked elite super freaks who can beatbox on the dark side of K box de hard hop da rebop....

    like a IDM/Ragga?D&B/Jungle style or something along those lines?

    does anyone know anyone with these kind of skillz to maybe get involved in musical projects ... beats.html
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