Need to press your new DNB mix?

Frankie Naples

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Dec 19, 2002
Every mix that we duplicate for someone will be converted to Real Audio and placed on the web for you, FREE. We are currently working on a new site where we will also place links to every mix we duplicate, FREE of charge! This is just another added benefit that nobody else really offers and can be a great tool for promotions if you don't want to send everybody a demo right away. Just send the link for starters, then hook em up with a disc if they seem interested. Lots of people can offer this but don't, since it takes up more of their time. This is just one of the ways we go the extra mile for our customers.

All prices under 500 count are done in house and come with Matte finish Neato brand labels, printed in high resolution using "Micro-Fine Droplet Technology". I also don't offer shrink rap on orders less than 500.

All orders of 500 or above come with up to 4 color screen printing on silver back cd's. If you opt for the full size case with two jcars, we include a barcode free and can outsource your order upon completion for shrink rapping.

As far as the FREE web hosting goes, you are able to choose the format that it is put online in:

There will be a $10 charge if you wish to have more than one format hosted online.

Oh, I forgot to let people know, all our mix hosting is on a DLS T3 server with a 99.9999% uptime.

Also, we have updated reduced pricing for Jan/Feb 2003

The new prices have been added to the picture at the top. They are about 20% cheaper if you order now through the end of February. The last pricing sheet reflected a price increase by our cd supplier but they have offered us a better deal now and we can pass the savings back down to you.
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