Drum & Bass Need this track I.D.

So, completely and hopelessly lost with one. It's taken from Taxman & Original Sin's set at Global Gathering 2008 (yes, along time ago). However, if anyone has any idea what track this is then it would be a massive help. My first time posting in this forum so not sure if I'll get feedback or not. Either way, here's the sound clip. If you have any sort of idea what track this is, please post below. I'm searching everywhere for this!!


So far, people have given me the following info:
Artists it could possible be are either. Original Sin, Taxman, Heist or Cabbie. (my guess is that it's an original sin). People have told me it could be a dub. Still im the back of my mind think that wasn't released. However, what an absolute tune it is, and i'm hoping to share this with you guys too. Pleasepleasepleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase :)