Need some tracks played by Flight&Spectrasoul, Heist and Lemonde


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Mar 13, 2009
Maybe the experts could help!;)

F&S1 : Spectrasoul- Guardian

F&S 2:

F&S 3: Spectrasoul- Organiser

Lemonde 1: dilly - fly away

Lemonde 2: Mos Def- Panties (Zero Tolerance Remix)

Heist 1:

Heist 2:

Thanks in advance

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First one is Spectrasoul- Guardian forthcoming on Metalheadz- absolute stormer of a track.

Second Spectrasoul one- no-one could decide what it was IIRC. It's either by Spectrasoul, Alix Perez or Lenzman etc etc.

Third Spectrasoul- Spectrasoul- Organiser on Critical

Second Lemonde one is Mos Def- Panties (Zero Tolerance Remix) it's a bootleg

not sure about the others
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