Need some tips and feedback


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Mar 8, 2008
its a cool start, the intro is quite cool

but on the break, id keep the stick sounding hit out of it until the vocal drop at 0:45
that sort of filter sweep at 0:57 sounds odd

the intro builds a great vibe but then the b-line after the drop doesnt really fit in with it - the movement is good but the growliness sounds uninspiring compared to everything else you have going
personally id try to add distortion or bitcrushness and then lowpass it, and if it doesn't sound good after that, reverb, or ditch the patch altogether

the sub is sounding great
like the vox sample

mixed well


May 29, 2011
Finland, JKL
Good intro man. Suprising drop mate, it's a good! Really nice sub-bass but yeah, that metallic movement doesen't fit with the other elements. I would like to hear more reverb on percussions. Otherwise, good track! ;)

Unmotivated stage is not so rarely imo.. I think that all producers go throught that same stage a several times during their career. Sometimes it's good to sit down and just listen all kind of genres, you'll get more perspectives for your production after that. For me it's good to keep a little break of production, couple of weeks without DAW and it feels like a fresh start. :)


Jul 27, 2011
thanks very much for the feedback guys. I didnt think the bass was fitting all that well too , i'll have to have a muck around with it and change it.

Yea i may need have a couple of weeks break i think and just listen to some tunes to get back in the zone.
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