Need some help guys! SERATO - CD DJ - TURN TABLES & MIXERS.

Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by elmaruk, Oct 9, 2010.

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    Im selling my APC and copy of Ableton live 8 (If any of you guys want it let me know) I wanna focus on producing with cubase and ive had the apc for almost a year and barely used it.

    I'm gonna use the money to go out and set my self up to learn to DJ. As im serious about it im not too bothered about going out and getting somthing thats gonna last rather than buying somthing cheap and upgrading.

    Ive been looking at serato, but i don't know which version! SL1 or SL3, will it even make a diffrence?
    If i got serato is there any particular decks id need to use with it, or is there any decks you guys could reccomend.

    If not serato then what else would be a good investment?

    What would i be able to take to a club and DJ with no hardware issues. (whats industry standard)

    an unbias view would be appreciated here.

    (Im looking to go into PC DJing as i cannot afford to be buying vynals at the moment)
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    Serato SL-1 is the version with which you can only control 2 CDJ's or Turntables, SL-3 allows to use 3 decks (or 4 decks if you use the "68"-Mixer by Serato)

    you dont need any special decks then