Need some Ambient-styled Electronic Percussion Samples

Discussion in 'Production' started by Ethereal, Sep 29, 2012.

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    Hey guys, so I’m really hoping to find some good techniques that would work good for making some ambient-styled percussion samples with an electronic tinge to them (Some VST's or packs would be nice too). The sound of percussion I’m trying to achieve is a very deep and distorted type of snare/shaker with an electronic/synthy element to it. Often used in Ambient/Trip Hop/Chillout and also used in lots of different styles of Metal bands (Melodic Death Metal, Trance Metal, Alternative Metal, Nu Metal, etc.)

    I have no problem throwing some EQ, Reverb, or Filters on a snare sample to give it a really "distorted" type of feel that fits Ambient, but I just can't seem to get that "electronic" element intertwined with it.

    It’s very hard to explain what I’m looking for in text, but here's an example of a song that has the percussion sample I'm looking to create:

    Skiller – Nightcrawler (The very electronic sounding percussion samples at the intro)

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks guys!
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    sounds like a bit crusher...only way to achieve these particular sounds is by experimenting. run shit loads of fx on ya channel and bounce
    id say reverb, overdrive , bit crusher ....i honestly donno but just try that
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    Could also try layering some white noise in there?