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Ive been mixing for a while now but am interested in getting in to the production side of things. Just wondered if anyone could give me a little bit of advice on about getting,hardware etc??


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A bit like asking the average length of string. I suggest not throwing too much cash at the whole thing. Get a simple sequencer/wave editor and a couple of soft synths....perhaps a copy of Computer Music is teh place to start. Unless you're someone who was born a producer, this whole process will take a can go on courses, and they might help or save time...don't know never did it.
Of course you could go in headfirst, and buy a nice mixing desk, cubase or logik, some fat synths, wikid monitors, heavy soft synths etc...but you might find that you'll spend a lot of cash and then just struggle and get bored.
Start simple for sure, but don't be surprised when you find that it can take 10-30 mins to get the rough idea, but ages to get it sound right. Hell some tunes get 80+ hours spent on them, then I find that I don't like it. But if I learn something then fair enough.
Anyway if your still detimined, you need a fat soundcard. The more inputs and outputs you have the better. Motu 828 is very nice, or the Audiophile which is much cheaper...hammerfall, or the Delta 1010..all excellent..sure there are more too.
A good wave editor, say recycle, or if u can afford Soundforge...but if you are getting Cubase SX ( never used Logic so can't say) you might find you can get by without ( for now). Already you're looking at £1200 and you don't even have any monitors !!!!
Monitors is another thing that by suggesting 1 thing everyone will probably disagree, but for a starter, Event Tr8's go down to 35 Hz, ( most monitors go to 50hz) so for around £400 you get a reasonable sound.
I could go on for ages on soft synths...get 1 or two that are fully midi asignable.I really can't b bothered with ones that arn't...Zeta is one that is.
A good controller keyboard is well worth the 50-100 quid it will cost Edirol make reasonable ones....
Mate hope your rich..!"!!!! Like I said get Computer Music try out teh free stuff see how you go and start saving...if ya find you have teh patience/knack then start spending...??:sadbana:


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fruity loops sucks ass, its got a 'suck x 100' algorithm in its output driver that makes your tunes suck. a hundred times.


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S-Kade said:
So is reason the best program to use then?? Why does nobody like Fruity loops?? is it that shit? :|
The sound engine on Fruity loops is a lot better than reason but cubase and logic are the most accurate.

I've been using fruity for years and have released a good few records made in it. The workflow is blinding. Ive just started using cubase and have to say I've found it a lot easier to get the EQing right, but it's not nearly as quick to use as fruity and it seems to crash a lot more.


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Fruity rules for startin out, ive only just started makin tunes bout 12/18 months ago ish n ive made sum pretty alrightish sounding crap cant get EQ quite right but it is doing me proud so far