Need some advice (demmomusic - happiness)

link to song

Hey guys, I've gotten into liquid dnb production lately, and I wonder if there is anyone who can help me out a bit with my song ^.

I kinda like the build up, but the drop is so unsatisfying :(. Does anyone have any ideas to give it some more punch?

Also i've been trying to make a good liquid synth, but I can't really find a good tutorial. I do have massive, but i don't know it well enough to know how to make a good one.

Thanks in advance :)


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Add some cymbals to it, and just before the drop, cut out the lower and heavier elements, that will give ur drom some more impact. Also, in the main part, turn the sub and synths a bit more silent compared to ur kickdrum & snare, cause they don't come through good enuff. Anyway, i don't dislike the track mate, it's quite nice, the melody is very chilled out.

And with massive, it's nice to take like 2 saw waves, or 3, turn them on a different pitch (+12;0;-12) and give them a 3/16 rate with lfo on the cutoff. A bit reeverb and phaser will do it. And also i like it when you slow down the attack of the wobbles, so it feels like they start 1/16 of a beat too late.

I hope i was helpful :p