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Need ID of a couple of tracks from Ninja Ninja podcast!


The following two extracts were taken from the recent Ninja Ninja Podcast 015 (Mixed By Muffler):-

Extract 1
Extract 2
I tried to 'Shazam' both the tunes first and it only came back with one result for the second track. Even then the result was given as a "Continuous blend" from the 'Collectivism' compilation (released by the Goodlooking Records label in 2013). I checked out the digital release on Beatport and it wasn't any of the 15 tracks on the compilation. 16th track, however, is marked as 'Continuous blend', is over one hour long but can only be heard in full as part of the release (if you purchase) and the short preview had little chance to contain that tune...

I'm hoping this might help provide somebody with a clue as to what the track might be :)

If you'd like to hear the full podcast then it's on the following link:-
So, I would appreciate it if somebody could provide me with a title and artist for both of the above tracks/extracts.

Thanks in advance!