Need help with tracking down an Album/Song


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Jun 13, 2002
Gävle, Sweden.
Heh. Might sound a bit weird, but I heard this song about 3-4 years
ago on an album i never knew the name of (friend at school had it).
now I've moved to another town and one tune from that album just
popped into my head.. and I want help in locating that one song
(or the whole album if possible).

I've managed to track down a few of the songs on it so far..

01 - Ram Trilogy - Iron Lung (only one i know the track no. for)
Calyx - Code Red
Bad Company - Seizure
Dillinja - Growler

the track i'm looking for is like track 3-5 or something.. starts out
mellow with some rhodes chords, slowly progressing up with some dry
beats and then kicking in with a gabber-like synth lead.. any ideas? anybody?

drop me a message on ICQ or the boards, i'll check back every now and then


oh, and one more point.. no vocals whatsoever in the song. the version
i heard had real scratchy sound etc.. (if i recall correctly, martin
had ripped the album from vinyl -> CD)

(Edit 2)

a heck.. might as well make another attempt at desribing it further

the rhodes are kinda deep, with a modulated sine kinda sound..
the songs starts out with the rhodes playing alone for about 30 seconds or so,
then a minimalistic beat consisting of (from the sound of it) extremely dry
TR-808 drums (bassdrum, snare and closed hihat only)..

i'll keep you all posted if any more sudden details pop into my head.

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