Need help with the sickest dnb track I ever heard


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Dec 13, 2011
Hey guys, I was in on xnxx like a few months ago, and I watched this vid n had my way, and there was this really really relaxing and beautiful sounding dnb track with some kind of .. French vocals?

Anyways, it was REALLY dreamy .. typical oldschool drum sounds, not a very fast-tempo-based track, more like slow.. porno dnb or something lol.

1. French vocals
2. very dreamy
3. slow-tempo

Reason for request is I had to rip the track from the video online, and never got a track title anywhere for it.

It's on my old pc, i'd give you a sample of it, but it's crashed and I recently got a new PC.

My contribution:

Bachelors of Science - The Ice Dance
Bungle - Where I Am

2 pretty sweet tracks.

HOWEVER! this track im talking about is much slower then these tracks. It sounds more like a porno track o.o..

Thanks in advance! awaiting friendly feedback! ;>
upload audio = an id for said track

desc of porno track with french vocal = no idea pal, all the best with that
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