DnB Need help with a Sly ID

G Tuk C

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Mar 8, 2012
I don't have any audio but it's a tune Sly dropped at NEC NYE 09/10 about 25 minutes in(don't wana live in Manchester drop if it helps).

Was also dropped at Bristol about 23 minutes in sounds like a VIP on that set though (set can be found on dnbshare.com)

Please help this is driving me NUTS.

Really need a sound clib bro or find the track on a youtube clip or something/ Theres really nothing to go on with what you have said there
Damn lol I've only got the sets on my phone, I have a recording of it on my phone but the file type probably wouldn't work on here :( I have honestly looked EVERYWHERE for an ID of it but just can't find anything!

I can't even find a clip of Sly's set on Youtube, all I have found is whats on dnbshare.com about 23 minutes in.
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