Need help on making the drop sound "bigger"

fair few ways you can do it
lower the volume on the intro
a little gap of silence right before
leave out some of the main elements of the drop that are in the intro
just to name a few
I like to add sweeps and FX to my build ups, create a crescendo by automating volumes on certain tracks.

In this case i reckon you should lose the fast 1/16th kicks on the last bar and replaced it with a gap of silence like Marklar said. That coupled with the fx should make the drop a bit bigger!
Sub Focus out the blue is a great example of volume automation on the intro. You can hear the volume lift a lot in the last say 8 bars before the drop.
hello lemondnb. V2 sound much better from start. I suggest to create some variation of the "whosh" synth sound, get tiring over tie.
some filter or EQ could also solve the ting. bass/kick need work imo. otherwise enjoyable track, good work! :2thumbs:
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